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Manufacturing Expansion at JEEN International

JEEN International announces the expansion of their manufacturing facility in Fairfield, NJ. JEEN has added two additional pilot reactors ⏤ a 50 gallon pilot reactor and a 100 gallon pilot reactor ⏤ to the existing manufacturing site. The reactors will be complemented by heat exchangers and cooling systems to support the growth of their Jeesperse® CPW and ICE-T™ Technology Platform. These additions will allow for faster R&D-to-Market production and will also greatly improve process capabilities.

“We decided to add these manufacturing enhancements because our business demanded that we do it. We’re really excited about the enhanced capabilities,” said Adam Perle, President of JEEN International. He went on to say, “Our production of the Jeesperse® CPW and ICE-T™ products has increased to demand the added flexibility. I think it’s the market’s response to the interest in these innovative multifunctional emulsifiers.”

JEEN International is an advanced technical manufacturer and supplier to the Personal Care, Cosmetic, Flavor and Fragrance, and Pharmaceutical Markets. We provide a broad portfolio of ingredients and solutions that cater to the ever-evolving needs of the markets we serve. For more information, please visit www.JEEN.com or email us at info@JEEN.com.