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Jeen International Launches Synthetic Waxes as Polyethylene Replacements

Jeenate® SW products are offered in response to industry concerns from the over-use of ultrahigh melting point, LDPE Polyethylenes, such as those used in scrub products. While JEEN’s Jeenate Linear Polyethylenes, do not fall into this category, the negative publicity regarding Polyethylene has prompted clients to look for alternatives. This has led to the development of our Jeenate® SW products.

JEEN® International is a leading supplier and manufacturer of specialty chemicals serving the cosmetic, personal care, fragrance and pharmaceutical industries.

Headquartered in Fairfield, New Jersey, JEEN International is well-known for its utmost commitment to superior service as well as offering one of the broadest ranges in the industry of both advanced technologies and traditional ingredients.

Found in some of the finest cosmetic applications around the globe, our quality products are second to none. JEEN® International supplies innovative, patented, advanced specialty silicone, linear polyethylene and preservative lines as well as traditional surfactants, ethoxylates, lanolins quaternaries and fatty alcohols/acids/esters/amides.

Our superior service is combined with multi-lingual capabilities, leaving nothing to chance. With state-of-the-art technology in inventory management, and full product technical support to meet your needs, our strategically located distribution centers make it quick and easy to fulfill your needs. In addition to our continuing development of innovative ingredients, Jeen International is also expanding its worldwide network of marketing, sales, distribution and support team personnel to further extend our global reach.

We live up daily to our slogan You Can Count on Us!